The WASH WILD story

The team behind our sister company, BONDI WASH, undertook many independent lab tests as they developed their range of naturally anti-bacterial products.  They began to realise that different oils had different potencies on different household pathogens.  They also realised that Australian native oils in particular were strongly anti-bacterial.  So they started testing different blends of native oils, slowly developing stronger and stronger potency.  In late 2019, CSIRO, Australia’s National Science Agency worked with WASH WILD to develop W4C®, a unique blend of native Australian oils powerfully effective against a range of bacteria and fungi.  The innovation was made possible by CSIRO Kick-Start.

The team wanted to develop a range that could be stocked in supermarkets making it accessible and affordable.  So alongside the development of W4C® they worked on developing a range that was natural, effective and affordable.

The result is the current WASH WILD range in which every product contains the proprietary blend W4C® to help households remove germs without damaging the environment.

WASH WILD sets a new standard in natural and effective for supermarket home and body products.  No synthetic fragrance, no sulphates, no phenoxyethanol, no methylisothiazolinone.

The resulting formulations also happen to smell beautiful – just like wandering through the Australian bush.