The research behind WASH WILD

With sights firmly set on developing a range of effective, affordable and natural cleaning and care products, WASH WILD worked with CSIRO, Australia's National Science Agency, to develop W4C® – a unique blend of native Australian oils effective against a range of bacteria and fungi. 

These extensive studies, trials and research resulted in a number of key findings that proved game-changers in the development of W4C® and its subsequent use in the range of WASH WILD products.  W4C® which has been proved to kill germs such as E-coli, staphylococcus, moulds and salmonella – naturally and is included in all WASH WILD products.

The Key Findings
• Surfactant (soap) alone is not effective in killing germs and moulds.
• Australian native oils are very effective at killing bacteria and mould even in small concentrations.
• A blend of Australian native oils is more effective against most pathogens than pure oils on their own such as eucalyptus or tea tree.
• W4C® is the scientifically developed blend which is highly potent against a range of household microbes (such as E-coli and staph).

The WASH WILD W4C® proprietary formulation, along with natural ingredients, create powerful, effective products, free from synthetic fragrances and harsh chemicals.