Antibacterial qualities

Now more than ever, we are all looking at ways to ensure a safe environment for ourselves and our families. We may have little control over what’s happening in the wider world, but we can take steps to keep our homes clean, minimising the risk of bacterial spread. With emerging germ resistance to conventional cleaning products and the potential health risks caused by harsh chemical formulations, it makes sense to consider effective, natural alternatives for household cleaning.

Back to Nature
Indigenous Aboriginal communities in Australia have long since used native plants including varieties of eucalyptus, cypress, tea tree and paperbark – each with their own distinctive healing qualities. Bringing with them their skills in distillation, settlers from the first fleet were quick to recognise the many benefits of these new remedies. One of the first exports back to the motherland included pints of eucalyptus oil destined for further research and investigation.

Fast forward 250+ years and we are now becoming more aware of the antibacterial and antimicrobial merit of these natural alternatives with worldwide acknowledgement of their efficacy. Quality plant-derived products are bio-degradable and contain no harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances which can cause a host of health complaints including skin irritations, respiratory issues and allergic reactions, not to mention pollution to the earth. 

The New Benchmark
Working with Australia’s national science agency, WASH WILD have developed a range of home cleaning and care products that kill 99.9% of germs, naturally. Using a proprietary blend of Australian native oils, W4C® has been shown to be more effective against most pathogens than pure oils on their own. This new selection of natural cleaning products is scientifically proven to be highly potent against a host of household microbes including E-coli, staphylococcus, moulds and salmonella giving peace of mind for anyone wanting to make the switch to natural products.

All made in Australia and packaged in post-consumer PET, the affordable WASH WILD range is not just natural, it’s also sustainable. It includes everything you’ll need to keep your house clean – a potent-formula dishwashing liquid, a multipurpose spray to remove grease and dirt from all surfaces, a floor cleaner great for high-traffic areas, a powerful toilet cleaner to kill all those nasties, a glass cleaner for a sparkling streak-free clean and a laundry liquid that’s delicate on fabrics but tough on stains, all naturally fragranced using oils from the Australian wilderness.

Safer for the environment and for our health, there has never been a better time to consider a natural alternative to keeping your home clean.