A guide to choosing greywater safe products

With water scarcity becoming an increasing issue all over the world, many people are turning to greywaterreusable wastewater from washing machines, showers, baths and basinsto reduce their usage. 

However, not all cleaning products can be used safely with greywater. Some traditional cleaning products contain chemicals that can be harmful to plants, wildlife and even human health when used long term. Fortunately, there are some eco-friendly and greywater safe cleaning products available today. Here's a guide on choosing greywater safe products: 

  1. Check the ingredient list: Avoid products that contain bleach, ammonia, chlorine, phosphates and other harsh chemicals. These chemicals can be harmful to plants and soil and they can also be difficult to remove during the treatment process. 
  2. Look for products labeled "greywater safe": Some cleaning products are specifically designed for use with greywater systems. Look for labels that indicate the product is safe for use with greywater. These products are typically biodegradable and free from harmful chemicals.
  3. Choose natural and biodegradable products: Look for cleaning products made from natural and biodegradable ingredients such as essential oils and plant-based surfactants. These products are safe for use with greywater and are also environmentally friendly. Read the label carefully, as some products may claim to be environmentally friendly, but still contain chemicals that can harm the environment. 
  4. Check with your local regulations: In some areas, there may be regulations regarding the use of greywater systems and the types of products that can be used with them. Check with your local authorities to ensure you are using products that comply with regulations in your area.

All WASH WILD products are 99%+ naturally-derived and are safe to use in greywater systems.