Mini House Tour with Lisa Messenger

Welcome to a mini house tour and a peek at some of the natural products I’m using in my life. I’ve always tried to research and educate myself as much as possible in this area. From skincare and make up to cleaning products. Many of you will know I even wrote a book titled “Sustainability” with lots of tips and tricks a few years ago.

Before Hugo was born we got super diligent on researching what were the best cleaning products to avoid harsh chemicals. We wanted something that worked, was natural and smelt good. Recently we discovered WASH WILD products inspired by the Australian wilderness. Think refillable and recyclable sustainable packaging. Cruelty free. Plant derived. Non-toxic. Australian made.

There are loads of products in the range. The one I’m finding most useful is the Multipurpose Spray which I’m using on high rotation from the kitchen to the bathroom to Hugo’s play areas all day every day. WASH WILD sent me their latest range which I’ve been using for a while to road test it all. I also researched it in great detail before posting. I’m pleased to say it seems to tick all our boxes and I can highly recommend. Let me know below if you’re interested on more of a house tour. And to know more about products we’re using and loving!