Daily Mail: The VERY Unexpected Product Aussies Are Using In Their Washing Machine

Australians are flocking to the shops to get their hands on a 'miracle' laundry buy originally designed for the toilet.

Amelia Liddy Sudbury, from Sydney, recently revealed that she's 'obsessed' with the Wash Wild Natural Toilet Drops ($15). The buy sells out every time it's released, with shoppers purchasing 12 units at a time so that they have enough stock.

The young mum uses it to revolutionise her laundry routine by sprinkling a few drops on a dryer ball and popping it in the dryer for a few minutes.

'This is the 100 per cent natural alternative to those chemical-filled scent beads and other laundry products!' she raved. 

Another five-start reviewer echoed: 'Excellent. Has a beautiful, fresh scent. I'm so impressed by how little is required - I will not be buying anything else from now on. Best thing on the market and I've tried them all.'

Others also claimed it was 'much more economical' than expensive branded drops.

Amelia never expected a toilet product to fit so well into her weekly laundry routine.

'The scent is a mixture of lemon and eucalyptus. It smells so clean and fresh,' she said.

Amelia advised that you could pop a few drops straight into your washing machine with your laundry.

'The way I like to do it is to take a drop and pop it on my laundry ball and put it into the dryer for a few minutes.

'Your laundry and whole house will smell incredible after using these!'

The product is available online on Wash Wild's website and in-stores at Woolworths.

It promises to kill germs naturally and is made with 100 per cent plant-derived ingredients. 

In addition to using it for laundry, you can also use two drops after flushing your toilet to discreetly remove odours and add pleasant scents to your bathroom.