7 News: Aussie Mum’s Hack To Make Laundry Smell ‘Incredible’

Don’t you hate that musty, damp smell your laundry sometimes gets? Or when your washing comes out of the machine, but somehow doesn’t smell clean? There are loads of chemical lotions and potions that can mask the smell.

But if you want a natural alternative, Aussie TikTok star Amelia Liddy Sudbury, has the answer.

Nicknamed the “Queen of Clean” after becoming a social media sensation with her budget-friendly tips on how to keep your house looking its best, Amelia has recently discovered toilet drops.

And they don’t just work for your loo.

They’re the secret ingredient for your laundry too.

“What is the 100 percent natural alternative to those chemical-filled scent beads and other laundry products? I have the hack for you,” Amelia says on her TikTok, which has been viewed hundreds of times.

She then reveals a bottle of Wash Wild natural toilet drops in a small dropper bottle.

Toilet Drops

Wash Wild Toilet Drops: Available for $15 on the Wash Wild website here.

“These little drops pack an almighty punch and the scent is a mixture of lemon and eucalyptus and it smells clean and fresh,” Amelia adds.

“You can pop it straight into the machine. Just a drop or two is enough.”

Or she suggests her method which is to put a drop on to a laundry ball and either stick it in with your washing or put it in the dryer with your clothes.

“Pop it in the dryer just for a few minutes,” she says.

“Your laundry is going to smell incredible. Your whole house will smell incredible after using these!”

@amelialiddysudbury Using toilet drops where? The HACK is here💥 The 100% Natural alternative to those chemical filled laundry scent beads we’ve been searching for! @WASH WILD #laundrytok #cleantok #laundryhack #washwild #laundry #cleaninghacks ♬ original sound - Amelia Liddy Sudbury

“I love Wash Wild,” reads one of the comments and the company has reported it’s selling out following a huge rush on the product.

“Customers are purchasing the natural cleaning product by the dozen,” a spokesperson told 7Life.

“Since the launch of Wash Wild, 90 per cent of online orders contain the toilet drops and it has sold out faster than any other product offered in 10 years of business.”

Shop the Toilet Drops here.