The Hunger Project

With a firm belief that an end to world hunger is not only possible, but also achievable, The Hunger Project seeks to support people to improve their own communities through education, skill-building and tangible projects that create ownership.  

Since its inception in 1977, over 16 million people in Africa, India, Bangladesh and Latin America have been assisted by The Hunger Project in micro-finance, training courses, health care initiatives and education.  By capitalising on the creativity, initiative and leadership of those in need and enabling them with knowledge and resources, The Hunger Project helps individuals break the poverty cycle and create a better future for themselves and their families.

A key component of The Hunger Project plan is the Epicenter Strategy.  This seeks to unite people across multiple rural villages to build sustainable development to benefit all.  Education, health, economic and environmental considerations are all incorporated in a holistic and integrated way that improves life for the broader community.  It promotes a positive culture of self-reliance where people work together to create their own mutually-beneficial opportunities and to date, 123 Epicenters across eight countries in Africa, means more than 1.8 million people have been reached.

In India, where illiteracy often aids and abets systemic corruption and the cycle of poverty, The Hunger Project has trained more than 83,000 women to read, write and speak in public.  These women, all elected village councillors, can now more confidently contribute to political agendas to improve education, health and nutrition, making real change to the lives of their constituents.

Child-malnutrition at a rate twice that of Africa, can be attributed to the severe subjugation and suppression of women in Bangladesh.  The Women’s Leadership training provided by The Hunger Project includes intensive education in gender equality and legal rights to at least two women in each village.  These women then go on to educate other people in their community, with the aim to stop domestic violence and child marriages.  To date over 272,000 volunteers have been trained in Bangladesh with many more benefiting from this service.  

In support of all the life-changing work undertaken, WASH WILD has partnered with The Hunger Project for our new range of personal care products. For each bottle of Hand Wash, Body Wash and Hand Sanitiser purchased we will contribute $0.50 to sustainable efforts to end world hunger. Now, when choosing 100% naturally-derived WASH WILD, you are not only killing 99.9% of germs, naturally, effectively and affordably, you are making a valuable contribution towards ending world hunger.